Which Adhesive should I use?

All vinyl floors expand when heated and contract when cooled. This is referred to as thermal dimensional change. Vinyl has memory and will go back to the size it was manufactured as it approaches room temperature. This thermal dimensional change can be caused by a variety of temperature fluctuations such as lack of acclimation prior to installation, turning the HVAC system off, direct sunlight thru an unprotected window, etc. These temperature fluctuations are more important with plank than tile. 36” and 48” plank will expand and contract three and four times more than a 12” tile due to its length.

Our ST 100 being a pressure sensitive adhesive is very easy to use during installation. It has a long open time. You can install into it wet, semi-wet or dry and you can install over a non-porous surface using the dry lay method. It remains tacky allowing for simple repairs should damage occur to the floor.

Our EW 250 adhesive is a wet lay acrylic that sets much harder than a pressure sensitive. It has a short open time as you have to lay into it wet and the substrate must be porous. Only spread what you can install in 20 minutes, but do not let the adhesive flash. Once it does fully cure it is more resistant to thermal dimensional change compared to a pressure sensitive adhesive. However, making repairs are difficult due to the stronger bond.

Please note, with either adhesive we require acclimation and a climate controlled environment. This is a general guideline. We recommend that you read the full installation and adhesive guidelines prior to installation. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact our technical hotline at 800-275-7943 option 2.

Glue-Down Installation

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